Corporate Profile


With over 50 years of experience, Kim Heng Ltd. (“Kim Heng”) and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) is an established integrated offshore and marine value chain services provider. Strategically based in Singapore, the Group offers a one-stop comprehensive range of products and services that caters to different stages of marine infrastructure projects and offshore oil & gas projects from oil exploration to field development and oil production. In keeping with the changing global energy scene towards cleaner energy forms, the Group has successfully ventured into the offshore wind renewable market. The Group will continue to broaden its service offerings to the clean energy and marine construction markets as part of its diversification away from the traditional oil and gas markets.

The Group’s operations are primarily located in Singapore, with two shipyards strategically located at 9 Pandan Crescent and 48 Penjuru Road. The shipyards, with a combined waterfront of 205 metres, enable Kim Heng to carry out a multitude of services, including offshore rig repair, maintenance and refurbishment, fabrication, vessel newbuilding and afloat repairs as well as support new businesses in the renewable and marine construction markets.

As a one-stop solutions provider in offshore logistics, the Group has a fleet of quality anchor handling tugs, barges and cranes for both sale and rent. The Group also provides other services such as maintenance, trading and sale of heavy equipment.

Kim Heng has built its brand over the years and has established relationships with world renowned customers from over 25 countries in the regions of Asia, USA, Latin America, Australasia, Middle East and Europe.

Our Business

Offshore Wind Farm Solution

  • Fabrication & installation of different offshore turbine foundations, monopiles, tripods, jackets, suction buckets & gravity base structures
  • Operation & maintenance services
  • Marine transportation of windfarm components

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

  • Experienced turnkey contractor capable to undertake in submarine cable laying and pulling

Owner & Operator Of Offshore Support Vessels

  • Marine transportation and towage services
  • Marine salvage and oil spill response

Offshore Support Services

  • Construction and fabrication works of components for drilling rigs and vessels
  • Installation of offshore production modules and systems
  • Supply of offshore drilling and production equipment
  • Logistics, general shipping, warehousing & inventory management

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

  • Newbuilding of vessels (Tugs, Pipe-Lay Barges, Power Barges, Accommodation Work Barges etc.)
  • Purchase and refurbishment of vessels for onselling
  • Afloat repairs, maintenance and refurbishment of offshore rigs, platforms & vessels

Heavy Equipment Rental & Sales

  • Leasing, sale, maintenance, import and export of heavy equipment
  • Wide range of equipment and machineries including crawler, lorry and mobile cranes

Kim Heng Projects

No. Type of Project Scope of Work
Rig refurbishment services, modular fabrication and installation of various drilling equipment such as a chain hoist, rig floor tuggers, and a casing stabbing board
Fabrication works, removal and installation of thrusters. Provision of crew management, cargo clearance, loading services, and procurement of equipment and consumables for the rig
Afloat repairs, tank cleaning, heavy lifting of drilling equipment and storage and removal and transportation of cementing equipment
Maintenance, inspection of risers and auxiliary lines, removal, refurbishment and installation of six azimuth thrusters at anchorage, and heavy lifting of lower marine riser package and blowout preventer stack assembly
Construction of a 111 metre pipe laying and accommodation barge, which has the capacity to accommodate 292 men